About Us


Promote Healing of Victims-Survivors 

The process victims-survivors of abuse take to heal from clerical abuse is extremely important to us, which is why our office connects them with the appropriate people and/or organizations to receive the help they need. In addition, we offer outreach programs for victims-survivors, in hopes that they’ll feel comfortable sharing an allegation and recover properly.

OPCY strives to support victims-survivors of clergy sexual abuse with the resources and support they need to begin or continue to their healing journey. This includes therapy, healing masses, peace circles and opportunities to connect with other survivors.

It’s never too late to report an instance of abuse, and all victims-survivors have the right to report an allegation to the authorities, but are also welcome to work with our office. If you are seeking referrals for counseling, spiritual direction, self-help groups, educational information, or more, please call 312.534.8256

Provide Resources and Compliance Training to Protect our Children

OPCY is comprised of the following offices and programs to respond to allegations of abuse by church personnel, help victim-survivors throughout their healing journey, educate parents, caregivers and Archdiocesan staff about child abuse and prevention efforts and screen all employee and volunteer applicants: 

  • Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review (Link)
  • Office of Assistance Ministry (Link)
  • Safe Environment Office (Link)
  • Prayer and Penance Program (Link)