Making a Report

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in Illinois

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

Child Abuse Hotline
1.800.25.ABUSE (1.800.252.2873)
217.524.2606 Outside of Illinois
1.800.358.5117 TTY

Call the Police (911) if a child is in immediate danger or has been injured.

In the state of Illinois, all reports of known or suspected child abuse and/or neglect should be reported to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Hotline (1.800.25.ABUSE). 

You have a responsibility to report whenever you have reason to believe a person who cares for a child, lives with a child, or works with or around children has caused injury or harm, puts a child at risk of sexual and/or physical injury, or has neglected the child’s basic needs. If you have reason to suspect child abuse, make the report by calling the DCFS hotline, where a hotline worker will determine if the information given by the reporter meets the legal requirements to initiate an investigation.

You have the right to report your story, and we are here to help, listen and connect you to the right services. To ensure the best resources and investigation practices are engaged, we encourage all allegations concerning the abuse and/or neglect of minors are reported to the DCFS Hotline (1.800.25.ABUSE) and/or the local police department first before reaching out to the Office of the Protection of Children and Youth (OPCY). If you need to report historical abuse, please contact Nelly Bonilla at 312.534.5205.